"A doula enters the space of a labouring woman and is highly responsive and aware of her needs, moods, changes, and unspoken feelings. She has no need to control or smother. Every pregnant woman should have the benefits of a doula. This person does not detract from the role of the baby's father or co-parent, by the way. It enhances it and leaves him (or her) free to do the very important job of loving the mother." Christiane Northrup, M.D. Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom.

As a professional and certified CAPPA Doula, Childbirth Educators and Yoga Teacher, I strive to help mamas find their power, to connect mind, body and spirit and truly thrive during this amazing life event. Swellmama, along with my amazing back-up team of Ombaby and SweetPeaYYC, work collaboratively to ensure the best pregnancy, labour, and birth experience possible. We truly love and live what we do.

I am still accepting clients for September 2018 onwards! Contact me today for your no obligation meet & greet!