" From the moment my wife and I met Kirsten, we knew we had found our Doula - our search was over. Kirsten not only met all of our expectations - she exceeded them. To be completely honest, I wasn't convinced the Doula would directly help me. My assumption was that the doula played a supporting role for the birthing mother. I was happy to be a part of the doula interview process- though I figured my interaction would pretty much end there. My experience proved me wrong. Kirsten helped to heighten my experience, in turn she allowed me to appreciate the moment far beyond anything I would have experienced without her presence.  Kirsten not only provided a supporting role for my wife, she was a great support mechanism for myself.  As a husband and now as a father, I am a true believer in the use of a doula.  Kirsten assisted us both dearly through a trying and testing journey.  I definitely support the role of the doula and more, I support Kirsten.  If you get a chance to meet her, you should consider yourself lucky. If you get the chance to acquire her services, you should be grateful.  I recommend Kirsten and Swellmama/Ombaby to both expecting fathers and mothers (especially to fathers!!!)
Thank you for everything Kirsten. Mike, Terra & Lily" March 2016
"I hired Kirsten as our doula after some hesitation; I wasn't entirely sure what doulas did and how it could help my husband and I though the labour process.  Well, I should never have doubted! A major part of why I have such positive memories of my son's birth is because of Kirsten.  She expertly guided me through the process of preparing for the birth so that I went into it with a clear idea of what I wanted to happen and what my choices were.  When it came to the birth, she was a calm and reassuring presence.  She knew exactly what positions to try and what to say to give my husband and I the encouragement we needed.  Thanks in big part to Kirsten, my son's birth was the most empowering and happy moment of my life.
Thank you so much for all your love and support and invaluable information.  I felt so loved at my birth and even had a little fun! You were meant to be a doula and are so incredible at it.  I hope you keep giving your gift for a long time. xoxox SK (I was her doula for baby #2 Sept 2014)

I had always been active but had heard that yoga was great for pregnancy and helping with labour. So I signed up at the yoga studio for prenatal classes, I walked in the room and that’s when I met Kirsten. I was 10 weeks along and thought that it may have been to early to start but I was reassured by Kirsten that you could start classes at any stage of pregnancy. Kirsten was very welcoming, friendly, caring  and had a huge knowledge for not only yoga but anything pregnancy/labour or parent related. After attending a few classes I had learned that Kirsten was a doula, I had heard the term before but never really knew what it meant. So once she explained it to me I knew I had to have her as my doula! Kirsten was always able to answer any questions I had and if she didn’t have the answer right away she always found it for me. I went to yoga every week throughout my pregnancy and was always excited to see that she was there as the instructor. I knew having her as my doula was going to put my mind at ease being that I was going to be a first time mom and had no idea what to expect. All of the prenatal visits were fantastic and informative way better than what I knew I would get from a group prenatal class!


Once it was time to have the baby Kirsten was the best support, she even came in the shower with me fully clothed because she forgot her bathing suit! I hear that she is now known as the shower doula at the foothills as no other doula has done that! All the nurses were very impressed and said I had the best doula ever! The birth story that she writes for you about your labour is the best keepsake and a great way to look back at how your labour was. Having a birth wish list put together is very helpful as well so that you didn’t have to worry about decision making on the spot while your in labour, and if there was anything to discuss there that we were unsure of she was able to clarify it for us and help us to make decisions. I had a fantastic experience having Kirsten as my doula. The best investment ever, I would recommend having Kirsten as your doula and taking her pre and post natal classes. 
PS. she also makes great bags and play mats!
Sincerely first time mom




I hesitated to ask Kirsten to be my Doula for quite some time at first- I wanted someone at my side who truly supported natural birthing but I was afraid that I wouldn't be very nice during labour and wasn't sure if I would feel comfortable showing that side of myself.  Kirsten was amazing! Her calmness and gentle words really helped me to put my pain in perspective. She also advised me as to the different pain medications and their effects.  We didn't actually get to use many of the labouring positions and exercises as I was unable to - however thanks to her presence, I have a wonderful memory of my baby's birth.  Kirsten came to see us at the hospital the next day and many other times to see how we were doing and answer any questions I had on breastfeeding.  Thanks to her, our little Arwen had a very gentle transition from womb to world!

To all future moms, don't hesitate! Kirsten is a lovely person who will win your heart from the very first visit!!!



Thanks Kirsten.  Both Isa and I though you were a HUGE help. We really really appreciate everything!



Thanks again for all that you've done!  I am so very happy to have had the experience of having a Doula - especially one like you! You're wonderful!


Wow! Thanks to Kirsten, my birth went amazingly well. Always an encouraging word, full of new ideas, new positions to try, there to give a break to my partner too when he needed it!  Kirsten was so positive and smiled all the way through - even though we got her up in the middle of the night and kept her up for most all of it!  She didn't take a break- staying with us right through to the end.  With each contraction, she massaged me just where I needed it - and with the right pressure too! All of my needs were met straight away and just as I wanted! Kirsten helped us to better communicate with the medical staff as well.  She was attentive and took notes throughout - giving us a birth-story as a souvenir.  Thanks ever so much and see you at the next birth!!

Valerie, David, and Julianne XxXxXxX


The Midwives and our Doula, Kirsten, were amazing and incredibly supportive.  We can't imagine having had this birth any other way.  Everyone was incredibly complimentary about how smoothly and quickly everything went.  Kirsten says that it was one of the most beautiful and smooth births she has ever attended! In turn, we cannot be thankful enough for her phenomenal support during the last and hardest part of the labour.  It made a big difference for Michelle.

Rob, Michelle and Rowen


I wanted to also say thank you to a very special woman who helped Karla and I on our long journey, Kirsten Wallace of http://www.swellmama.com/en/home
A truly unique lady, whose sense of enthusiasm, encouragement, knowledge, patience and compassion was a strength for both of us. You are like a ball of sunshine for us on our day. For that, thank you for everything Kirsten, your one amazing Doula!!