Most parents have had little or no "formal" education on labour, birth or parenting- we learn as we go! However, especially for first time parents, the arrival of this precious, curious, and often unpredictable treasure can be stressful and a bit scary.  We hope to ease that stress and calm those fears, presenting 'evidence-based' information that will help guide parents to understand the beauty and power of birth and to make the best decisions for them during this powerful and transformative life event.

As CAPPA certified Childbirth Educators, Sacred Pregnancy Instructors and very experienced Doulas/Birth Support workers, we offer a variety of classes to prepare for labour:

  • Labour and Birth preparation workshops for couples - offered every 6 weeks on Sunday afternoons 2-5pm, these hands-on workshops are a must as they truly educate parents on how positioning of mom can assist with positioning of babe in pregnancy, labour and birth AND help dads understand how to support mama during this time.