As Certified CAPPA Childbirth Educators, professional and experienced Certified CAPPA Doulas, Yoga teachers and mothers passionate about birth and continuing education, our Childbirth Education Classes will give you the information that you really NEED (not overload you!) as you prepare for the birth of your child and those first days and weeks as new parents.

Our SWELLMAMA-OMBABY Birth Education classes offer a holistic approach for mamas wanting an empowering birth with either doctors or midwives, at home or in hospital.  Every birth is sacred and, although we come into birth with a lifetime of preconceived notions of what birth will be like, we must remember that birth is a normal and natural process and know that when we have an understanding of the basics and feel respected and supported in our decisions, we can shift from fear to courage - no matter how or where we birth, who we birth with, or what the outcome.

We offer weekend intensives on:

* Understanding the Physiology and Psychology of Birth and how best to prepare mentally and physically

* Exploring the Perceptions of Birth

* Understanding the Stages of Labour

* Learning how to Thrive in Labour!

* Interventions: A fork in the road...

* Understanding Pain Medication and Medical Intervention (there is a time and place for everything!)

* Discovering Your New Baby and Body

* Understanding Breastfeeding - Tips for Success

Our classes run out of the new Dr. For Moms Chiropractic and Family Wellness Centre

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Dates for 2017:

We will be reworking our birth education this summer and offering workshops in place of full weekends... there's just too much information and it's a total overload to try to jam it all into a weekend.. Stay tuned!!!