• Thursday afternoons at Dr for Mom's Wellness studio (Brentwood location) 12h30-13h30 - babes and kiddos welcome (We know how hard it is to find classes that welcome mamas with more than one! We love our big helpers and set up a space for them to play at the far end of the studio - away from the teeny-weeny babes!)
  • Mom and Baby BARRE!!! Now offered at  Dr for Mom's Wellness studio (Brentwood location) 13h45-14h45. Bring your baby carrier, a water bottle and a blanket/toys/snacks for your bubba! This is a workout for postpartum mamas who are at least 6 weeks postpartum.  You can wear your baby or set your kiddo up on the mats while we strengthen upper body, lower body and tone our cores!!! But in a healthy and balanced way - I'm a total alignment freak! :)

What are the benefits of Postnatal yoga?

  • Decrease in postpartum soreness, and faster recovery due to strong and flexible muscles
  • Easier postpartum restoration of abdominal and pelvic muscles as well as postural alignment - strong focus on chest openers, upper and lower back opening and strengthening and abdominal toning.
  • Body awareness further supports healthy postpartum structural changes
  • Muscle strengthening and lengthening helps prevent discomfort stemming from poor alignment as well as the repetitive strain injuries often caused by nursing, lifting and carrying infants

and best of all...

  • Baby participates in postnatal yoga which allows for a beautiful bonding time for mom and baby. Gentle exercises for baby strengthen and opens muscles and joints.