Sometimes parents feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available during pregnancy.  Moms can feel disconnected from their bodies and/or from their partners, the stories that we often hear are grim and filled with drama and trauma and it's really hard to feel confident and trusting of 'the process'.  Childbirth education classes often focus mainly on the changes in our bodies and what happens 'physically' during birth, when really - what some (most?) parents need is to understand and sort out what's happening in our hearts and minds...

The Sacred Pregnancy and Sacred Birth Journey classes give mamas (and their partners if applicable!) an opportunity to connect with their feelings, hopes, fears and each other. These classes allow you to explore the sensual side of labour - helping us to release fear and embrace the loving, exciting, romantic and euphoric aspects of birth.


In the 4 week Birth Journey Classes for Couples we cover the following themes and through, discussion and projects, discover:

STANDING AT THE EDGE: sacred space + couples connect + birth visualizations + vision cards + mama making + mantras

SURRENDER: TRUST + fear release + love hormone "oxytocin" + 'surrender' with the power of the senses

BIRTH: Birth talk - Practice pushing into the surges + stages of labour + love labour method + creating a Sacred Hospital Experience + Sacred Kiss

RITE OF PASSAGE: rite of passage + mother roasting + salt bowl + meditation (claiming parenthood)

Sacred Birth Journey dates: all are on Friday evenings 7-9pm at Dr. for Moms in Brentwood NW

Feb 17 - Mar 17,

June 2 - 30.

Register online at!sign-up-for-classes/cfwt

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In the 8 week Sacred Pregnancy Classes or weekend mini retreats we cover the following themes and, through discussion and art, discover:

SACRED SPACE: Explore creating a personal sacred space at home + beauty way meditation practice + the benefits of journaling + the beginning of taking the DEEP DRINK

CONNECTION + EXPECTATIONS: Explore connection to yourself, your sisterhood & the baby and the pregnancy experience + discuss pregnancy expectations

FOOD + BODY IMAGE: Relationship to food memories, mindful eating, body changes + challenges

FEARS: Holding space to discuss all fears relating to pregnancy, birth and motherhood

FORGIVENESS: Find the strength to forgive past hurts, allow emotional space to open up BEFORE baby

HONORING: Emotional nesting + gender bias + mother/baby blessings

RITE OF PASSAGE: Postpartum sealing ceremony + bengkung belly binding + belly firming paste

SISTERHOOD 'GOING TO THE BOWL': The last week is spent in a sisterhood circle in deep reflection of the experiences shared together and going forward.

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