HUGE advocates of baby wearing, Swellmama stocks BOBA 3G and the new 4G baby carriers as well as the Boba wraps!!!

These are AWESOME soft-structured front and back baby carriers.  I have personally tested most all of the  carriers on the market (long story) and must say that value-for-money, these are outstanding!  I have Bobas for my 30 month old and for my 5 yr old - and they both love them! I highly recommend the wrap from birth - 4/5 months too... baby wearing may seem a bit daunting, but there are so many benefits - way beyond just having your hands free!

Boba is a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) that is intended for babies and children between 7-45lbs. Boba offers several innovative features not seen on other carriers:

The foot straps attached to the waist belt keep older children comfortable while enabling a healthy sitting position. The footstraps not only give tired little legs a rest, but support the legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position which naturally tilts the pelvis,fills out the hip sockets and aligns the spine (best position to avoid hip displasia!)

The infant conversion option allows you to use the Boba Carrier 3G with babies over 7lbs. The best part is that there is absolutely no insert or accessory needed! Simply follow the instruction booklet included with your Boba Carrier to learn how to use the new Boba Carrier 3G for your newborn.  The new 4G has a little cushion that snaps in and is included so no need to reverse the belt and no need to purchase an insert or try to boost bubba up with a blanket or pillow.

Boba has a few extra inches of height to keep your center of gravity closer to your body and support your little one’s back. The Boba Carriesr 3G and 4G are approximately 2-3”  higher than other soft structured carriers.

Their design is made to fit parents of all shapes and sizes without purchasing an extension belt or accessory. All straps are fully adjustable, and elastic bands are provided so you can comfortably tuck the straps away once you have the carrier adjusted for you and your child.


Please check out the BOBA website.  There you will see all the patterns, styles and accessories.  These are truly wonderful products and every family should have one- you'll save a fortune in chiropractic care!!!

Canadian recommended retail (and Swellmama) prices:

Boba 4G carriers: solid - $140, printed- $145, organic verdi: $170

Boba 4G carriers: on SALE! $95 (one Soho left!)

Boba Wraps: $50 for Classic Wraps, $52 for printed Wraps and $65 for Organic.

Boba Air: fabulous nylon Bobas that fit in your purse or diaper bag! $69

Boba vests: These are lovely for keeping you both warm and cozy on cool days or under a jacket! They transform you into 2 headed goddesses! $35